For young people in Nigeria and most parts of Africa, talking about sex is akin to having a long-lost cousin; everyone knows about it but no one wants to talk about it.

Sexual and reproductive health information and services for young people are still seen as a luxury and a nice thing to have, rather than the necessity that it is. Young people in Africa find it extremely difficult to get access to these services, with sometimes even medical personnel posing barriers to these services as a result of their judgmental attitude.

MYPADDI does not drop the ball by merely just providing sexual health information. MYPADDI is an end-to-end solution that also provides young people with a means of getting contraceptives and other sexual health products (through the MYPADDI online SHOP).

MYPADDI SHOP provides young people with much-needed discretion and convenience that they crave in order to access these sexual health products, without the fear that anyone will judge them.

This is why we do what we do!

Refusing to talk about sex only does more harm than good. In Nigeria where for young people talking about sex is still seen as a taboo because of mainly cultural and religious reasons, this is the current situation of things: