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About the myPaddi Shop

myPaddi Shop is a Nigerian online adult retail store that offers discreet shipping and payments to anywhere in Nigeria and Diaspora. We provide our customers a convenient and secure place to buy any adult wellness product of their choosing. We offer a large range of adult wellness products like sex toys (such as vibrators, dildos, anal toys, penis toys, and more), Contraceptives, lingeries, Test kits, Lubricants, Beauty & Skin Care, Condoms and Libido Boosters.

We place a premium on providing a personalised shopping experience for our customers. Our objective is to improve our clients’ sexual health and happiness while also offering a safe environment for them to learn and explore. To ensure that you receive high-quality products, we only buy products from reputable brands.

Our Principle

We are non-judgmental and believe that people should enjoy themselves, which includes everything from flirting and setting the mood with your partner to shopping for toys and lingerie.

Our Policy

We will never share your personal information. Each package is confidential and discreet; even the delivery guy won’t know what’s in your package. We have flexible delivery options that allow you to choose where you get your order.