Sex Toy FAQ

This is the page where our customers can learn the answers quickly and conveniently about sex toys. We’d like to offer these answers right now so that all our customers have a place to go if they have a pressing question.

What do we mean when we refer to “body safe?”

When we say, “body safe,” what we mean is that: the ingredients in our product range (including the materials used) are safe for your body. In truth, the sex toy industry isn’t fully regulated, so some toys may cause infection and may deteriorate in the body or degrade over time. Sex toy safety is exceptionally important. We pride ourselves on being safe and reputable.

Is a toy supposed to be used internally or used externally?

Toy usage is entirely a matter of personal preference. In most cases, the title, image, or specifications of the toys on our site will indicate what they are meant for. However, how you use them is ultimately up to you. Because the vagina is only a few inches deep and nothing can pass through the cervix, you don’t have to be concerned about anything going too far.

What do I need to know about anal toys?

Anal toys are great for solo or partnered pleasure. Sometimes they’re deemed in mystery and add to the curiosity of sexual play for many. The first important step is to start small and use lots of lubrication. When it comes to anal play, lubrication is key. The next step is starting slow and small. So, this might mean trying out a finger (and then more), and after a time, moving your way up to a smaller toy. This toy should have a flared base, and this will keep your toy from being lost inside of the anus. So lube, go slow, start small, and choose toys with a flared base.

How can I choose a sex toy gift for my partner?

This can be somewhat difficult, mostly because each individual enjoys different things, but there’s always something sexy for everyone. If you’re gifting your partner and don’t want to ask what they’re in to, you might like to think about what they enjoy when you’re having sex or during any type of sexy play. We have many potential sex toy gifts that you can choose from in our wide and extensive range.

Why should I use a dildo?

An excellent question. Some people prefer pressure to vibrations because it gives them a richer experience. Dildos apply pressure to the G-spot, which can offer sensations and orgasms that vibrators may not be able to offer. Dildos can be used in conjunction with specialised harnesses to simulate penetrative intercourse.

Where is the G-spot and how do I stimulate it?

The G-spot is a location inside of the vagina, and in most cases, it’s a few inches forward, directly on the front wall. And if it receives pressure, it can feel extremely pleasurable. Some women can easily feel an extra sensation when their G-spot is stimulated, and some might not be as aroused from that surface area, but it really is unique to everyone. Using a G-spot toy can help a person to know if they like the feel of pressure on the G-spot (or not). Your best bet is to try and see if you like it!

I like to enjoy solo sessions in the shower or tub. Do any toys enhance that type of sensation?

We have waterproof sex toys that can be utilized in the bathroom or shower.