UnboxED Wild Cards Edition

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How to play UnboxED Wild Cards Edition

The name of this game is WILD CARDS.  

The Players

The game is to be played by 2-6 consenting adults as it’s highly sexual and will most likely lead to sexual activities.

The Setup

The game features: 

  • 1 Deck of 54 Wild Cards. They contain cards grouped into different shapes—circles, squares, triangles, stars, and crosses—all of which bear numbers. 5 of the cards are designated the number 20.
  • 1 Deck of 45 UnboxED cards. They contain cards with tasks and prompts. 

The Play

  • To begin, a dealer brings out the deck of UnboxED Cards and sets it aside. Then, proceeds to bring out the deck of Wild Cards, shuffles them thoroughly, and deals equal numbers to each player. 
  • The dealer then draws the next card from the deck to serve as the “Starting Card”. 
  • The remaining cards should be set aside too, where they will serve as “the Market”. 
  • The last player to get the dealt card from the dealer will be the first to play. The card played MUST correspond to the “Starting Card” in either shape or number. If a player doesn’t have such a card, they visit “the Market” and draw one, consequently missing their turn. The game follows this pattern until the game ends. 
  • The player who plays their last card and says “check-up” wins the game. After which, the remaining player can choose to keep playing or end the game to count. 
  • The goal of the game is for players to run through all their dealt cards and observe all “Special Cards” until a player plays their last Wild Card. 

Special Cards

Some numbers in the deck of Wild Cards have special features: 

    • Number 1. A card to make the next player answer a Truth-or-Dare question. This next player subsequently misses their turn. 
  • Number 2. A card to make the next player take a shot. This next player subsequently misses their turn. 
  • Number 5. A card to make the next player pick an UnboxED Card. This next player misses their turn. 
  • Number 8. A card to make every player, except the player who picked the card, take a shot. Every player misses their turn, in which case it falls back to the player that picked the card.  
  • Number 14. A card to make everyone, including the player who picked the card, picks an UnboxED card. The next player plays. 
  • Number 20. A card that can be used to make the next player do ANYTHING. This next player misses their turn. 



  • “The Market” is the Wild Cards that are left after every player has been dealt an equal number of cards at the beginning of every game. 
  • A dealer is a person, usually a player, who distributes the Wild Cards to players. 
  • “Special Card” is a Wild Card with tasks and prompts on them. 
  • Starting Card” is the first Wild Card that forms the base on which other cards would be played. 
  • “Last Card” is the phrase a player says once they play a card that leaves them with their last card. 
  • “Check-up” is a word a player says when they play their last card. 



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