UnboxED Passion Board Edition

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99 in stock



UnboxED Passion Board Edition is a game specifically designed for couples, lovers and those who are romantically involved.


The goal of the game is to finish all 52 tasks on the Passion Board using the 52 cards as guides, completing one task per week for 52 weeks of a calendar year. 

The Players

The game is designed specifically for couples but it can also be played by persons 18 years and above who are romantically attracted to each other.

The Setup

The game features:

  • 1 Passion Board. 
  • 1 deck of 52 UnboxED cards. 
  • 1 instruction manual. 

The Play

  • The Passion Board has 52 squares or titles featuring illustrations and sex positions, and are numbered “1” through “52”. Each square represents a new task for each week. 
  • In the same way, the deck features 52 cards, which are also numbered “1” through “52”. Go in chronological order from 1 through 52. There’s no need to shuffle the deck it is prearranged in ascending order.
  • The numbers on the card correspond with the numbers on the Passion Board. Card 1 is for Tile 1, Card 2 is for Tile 2, Card 3 is for Tile 3, and so on. 
  • The cards serve to expatiate the 41 icons as well as describe the 11 sex positions. 
  • The game is for 52 weeks or 1 year, with each square and card representing a week. 



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