UnboxED Naughty Board Edition

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How to play UnboxED Naughty Board Edition

The goal of the game is to navigate your playing piece from “Start” to “Finish” while avoiding setbacks and taking shortcuts.

The Players

The game is to be played by at least two people.

The Setup

The game features:

  • 1 Naughty Playing board
  • 1 Die
  • 6 Playing pieces
  • 1 Standard deck of 54 cards

The Play

  • Before beginning the game, each player should take turns to roll the die and the player with the highest number gets the first turn.
  • When the game begins, players are to move their pieces from the bottom left corner of the board, following the number in ascending order thereon.
  • The first player to get to the finish line wins the game.
  • You have to roll the exact number required to land on the last tile to win the game.

The Components

There are 5 components in the game:

  • Pick a card. If a player’s piece lands here, they are to pick a card from the deck and do as it says after reading it out for the other players to hear.
  • Truth or Dare. If a player’s piece lands here, the opponent (for two players) or the next player (for multiple players) is to ask the question or give the dare.
  • Move forward. If a player’s piece lands here, the player should move forward as stated on the tiles.
  • Go back. If a player’s piece lands here, the player should go back as stated on the tiles.
  • Take shots. If a player’s piece lands here, the player should take the number of shots stated on the tiles.

Important Notes

  • The game is not suitable for persons under the age of 18.
  • The game should be played by consenting adults as it may require you perform tasks that are sexual in nature.
  • Seeing as some players may not want to carry out the instructions on their selected cards, the group can draw up alternative tasks or even invent new punishments for defaulters.



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