UnboxED: 18+ Deluxe Edition


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UnboxEd 18+ Deluxe Edition is a box made up of:

  1. 64 UnboxED (sexual-themed)
  2. 1 Party/Drink Dice
  3. 52 Dare cards for ladies

To play the UnboxED cards,

  • The cards are to be shuffled and turned downwards in a deck to avoid revealing the contents of the card to anyone.
  • All participants of the game take turns to pick a card from the deck of cards and carry out the instruction or answer the question on it.
  • If a player is unable to answer the question on the card, the other players or the game master is to pick a suitable ‘punishment’ for the player.

The Dare cards for ladies are a fun addition to the UnboxED 18+ Edition. Here, each lady picks a card and does the dare. If she cannot do the dare, then she rolls the drink/party dice and drinks.

Have you been looking for ways to spice up your house parties, or hangouts with friends, or even bachelorette nights? Get ready to switch it up with the myPaddi UnboxED 18+ Deluxe Edition – the perfect card game paired with a party dice just to set the tone for your gathering.



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