Caya Diaphragm + Gel (Double Assurance Combo)


Caya Diaphragm and Gel (Double Assurance Combo) is sure to prevent pregnacy.

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The Caya® diaphragm is a new, safe contraceptive. It was developed together with users in an intensive research process in the USA. Caya® is inserted into the vagina, just like a tampon. Then it is placed directly in front of the cervix to prevent sperm cells from entering. The ease of use and safety has been studied in extensive test1.

Caya® Gel acts by reducing the motility of sperm cells. Before inserting into the vagina, place about one teaspoon (about 4 ml) of Caya® Gel into the cervical cup and onto the external rim of the Caya® diaphragm. The pH value of the gel is acidic and thus creates a hostile environment inside the vagina for the sperm cells. At the same time, the gel has a positive effect on the vaginal fluid. Improved efficacy in two aspects.

The combination of Caya Gel and the Caya Diaphragm is sure to prevent pregnacy.


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